Why should you work with us?

What we want to do is get you in front of thousands of your ideal clients, grab their attention, provide them with an offer that grabs their attention, and helps you convert them into new paying customers.

You have trouble getting more clients and scaling your business?
Our agency has offered many different online marketing services but after years of experience we can certainly say that by skillfully using Fb Ads we can increase the success of your business at a fast pace. We know how to do it.
Have you tried Facebook ads on your their own and failed miserably?
We were there too. People all over the world are struggling with profitable Fb Ads. Why? Because they don't know how to use it. Even marketers. Facebook is a system and not knowing it is like driving in the dark without lights. With eyes closed.
We like statistics and analytics
We use scientific approach. Facebook Advertising is like a complex system with lots of buttons and wheels that can be positioned in different ways. If you place them correctly, your business will flourish but if you position them in a slightly different way, you risk losing your money. With us, you reduce the risk to a minimum. We will measure it for you.

Why Facebook Ads?

Access to 2.3 billion users all over the world
Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. There are 7.7 billion people worldwide and at least 3.5 billion of us online. YouTube is the second largest SM platform with 1.9 billion and Instagram with billion online users. Just imagine how you can scale your business.
Your business is growing too slowly?
We will help you to consistently launch profitable Facebook Advertising Campaigns and together, we can do it within one month.
With Fb Ads, we can measure and predict success of your business
Every day (yes, every day) we measure KPI metrics for our clients campaigns. We optimise campaigns according to CPA (cost to acquire a client) to make the campaign profitable for you not fancy metrics like shares, likes etc.

"Recently, Joanna and the Third Eye Design team created a Competitive Analysis for my business. Joanna quickly understood my business direction and goals and delivered a very detailed analysis of the competitive landscape. I was very pleased with her style and methodology to obtain the information and put it in a format which was tailored to my businesses needs.

I am very happy to recommend Third Eye Design for your business and I know that Joanna will deliver quality work as she has done for me".

Mark Weaver Managing Director Kreative Analytix & Technologies

An outstanding concept and vision behind the team. Can only recommend to work with them.

Daniel G. Bieber CEO, potentialmasters.com

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