Sustainable Marketing in Hemp Industry

In the era of dangerous climate changes, exhaustion of resources and extinction of species, sustainable business and marketing are crucial. Companies and media are influencing the minds of society and the only way to start being responsible for planet Earth again is to change the way we think about production and consumption.

That’s why at Third Eye Design we believe that sustainable businesses should gain more voice in the world of informational chaos. We want to achieve that by offering tailor-made marketing services to the companies that care. Our main goal is to change the world. Our role is to provide tools and support for small brands and big corporations who want to do something about it.

Sustainable Business – What’s That?

First of all, let’s define sustainability in business as a whole concept. Simply put, it’s making all processes in your company as unharmful to the world and people as possible. Ordering materials from fair-trade sources, introducing anti-exploitation policies, recycling waste and many other practices are the components of sustainability.

Sustainable businesses are highly important in the evolving world of globalization, mass-consumption and other factors that degrade our planet’s resources and living conditions. Small actions done by people have an impact but without changes within corporate structures, there is no way to reduce these problems to safe levels.

Aside from environmental problems, sustainability in business means no discrimination, fair treatment of all employees and vendors, the end of the gender gap and other social responsibilities.

Marketing for Sustainable Companies

When offering marketing services for sustainable businesses, we should keep in mind that it’s completely different from conventional marketing.

Communication in sustainable marketing is based on information and education. Its purpose is not to sell but to pass ideas and values further, to the recipient. Ethical storytelling is what creates the brand’s image. Creating a worthy relationship and building trust between the company and the customer is the main goal.

What’s most important is to use marketing tools and methods to tell clients about the brand’s mission, vision and purpose. Being transparent about everyday work, changes and future strategies is expected. It’s not always easy to remember all the rules of sustainable marketing. That’s why investing in external services can be extremely viable.

Sustainable Marketing in Hemp Industry

The purpose of Third Eye Design is to create marketing plans and execute them accordingly to the rules of sustainability in business and marketing. And there is no more challenging industry than hemp companies. Cannabis products can be extremely tough to advertise because of few reasons.

First of all, these products are very controversial around the world. Even though there’ve been a lot of research and studies that prove the healing attributes of hemp, some countries still consider it illegal. And we are talking about the type of cannabis that doesn’t have any intoxicating effect whatsoever.

That’s another problem – medical marijuana is often confused with the recreational one. Those two have completely different properties but society doesn’t know that. The hemp industry is harmed by stereotypes and ignorance.

Many people don’t know that besides therapeutic attributes, hemp is a very sustainable material used to produce clothes, building materials, ropes and a lot of different things.

Knowledge and awareness of hemp benefits for the world and our health should be spread as far as possible. That’s what sustainable marketing of cannabis products is for.

What We Can Do?

Medical marijuana is legal in Europe for some time now. That’s a huge step towards easier marketing policies for it. Still, there might be some difficulties – for example, social media platforms often block paid ads for cannabis products, despite positive law regulations. That’s why marketing strategies for hemp companies need to be clever and flexible.

Content marketing should be the main pillar of sustainable companies. Educational materials, informational campaigns and open discussions with the followers are the strong points of hemp business promotion. Your main goal shouldn’t be selling – if you tell people why cannabis can be good for them and what kind of benefits they can expect – they will buy your product willingly. And they will tell others about the miraculous properties of hemp.

We know how much time marketing operations can consume. Especially when you need to care about all other aspects of your sustainable hemp business. That’s why at Third Eye Design we offer tailor-made complex marketing services. If you collaborate with us you can focus on developing your company while we take care of all promotional processes. Contact us if you’re interested. Let’s change the world together!

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