Have you ever considered why most promising start-ups with unique ideas or new products failed?

It’s all about communication! Nowadays it is not quite enough to communicate WHAT you do, it is essential to inform your potential clients WHY you do that. Behind every company, behind any personality, there is a certain motivation. We want to help you to bring your message to the world!


In order to create and consolidate a good, recognizable name of your company we are going to employ our professional teams of designers, writers, and marketing specialists.

Before we start working with you we examine:

  • Your mission – which determines your WHY
  • Your values – which clarify beliefs that drive your company
  • Your brand personality – which communicates what kind of personality your brand would be if it were a person
  • Your unique positioning – which underlines what differentiates you from the competition
  • Your brand voice – which defines which kind of tools you should use to bring your message about

Having answered listed above questions we will provide you with guidance on how your brand should expose itself, and which kind of marketing tools should be applied.

What Services Do We Offer?
We can help you with any of the following:
  • Adjusting of the right brand name
  • Design of a unique, self-explanatory logo
  • Creation and execution of advertising campaign
  • Website (re)design
  • Business card design
  • E-mail design
  • Content creation which is consistent with your brand’s activity


What makes us stand out from other agencies?

We do not only create but we also execute. We take responsibility for our work, creating not only successful projects but also launching them. Why? Because we believe in our experience and potential. We are specialists in creating the social impact online and we measure success with ROI, which gives companies a sense of reliability and possibility to analyze the process.

Why are we successful?

We break down the strategies into tactics. Each project has a leader who is responsible for campaigning. We set a deadline for each project with key milestones. We measure each result, we learn from it and make it better until we get a desirable result.

How much does it cost?

All our customers have unique wishes and needs, so we cannot offer a fixed price list. We treat each client individually and we adapt to their requirements. If you want to know how much investment you will have to make in your business strategy, we encourage you to contact us. We will be happy to answer any question.

"Recently, Joanna and the Third Eye Design team created a Competitive Analysis for my business. Joanna quickly understood my business direction and goals and delivered a very detailed analysis of the competitive landscape. I was very pleased with her style and methodology to obtain the information and put it in a format which was tailored to my businesses needs.

I am very happy to recommend Third Eye Design for your business and I know that Joanna will deliver quality work as she has done for me".

Mark Weaver Managing Director Kreative Analytix & Technologies

An outstanding concept and vision behind the team. Can only recommend to work with them.

Daniel G. Bieber CEO, potentialmasters.com

What else do we offer?

Our approach is holistic. While creating a strategy, we take into account more factors of your business, that you can use to launch a new product

Brand Positioning
During our first chat, we will define your company's most essential qualities and needs. Knowing your business is the first step in creating a dynamic process that will help your company grow.
Web Development
We apply an individual approach to each client. After professional research and analysis across a range of digital channels, we present you Tactical Plan Outlines that help you to achieve your goals faster.
Digital Marketing
We will develop a strategy needed to set up your long-term goals and plan development for your business. We integrate digital channels into your broader business strategy.

Do you want to connect with your audience in the digital world?

Let's talk and figure out how we can help you

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