My name is Joanna and I’m the CEO of TED, a communication agency built on knowledge with a strong motivation to do something beneficial for others.


Because we have had enough of selling and creating products that are not good for the community and the environment.

In 2012 I received an International Sales Award in 2012 for achieving the best result from over 300 traders:

2012, I was really proud of myself

I learned really a lot and as a reward I was on an unforgettable trip to Bali. I liked working for my company, but I had a gut feeling I couldn’t ignore, so I started asking myself questions:

  • Is that the purpose of my life?
  • Is it beneficial for others?
  • Am I really helping people?

And the answer was: No!

That’s why in TED we are passionate about promoting the ideas of people who want to help others. Because it matters. After many years of building up relevant sales and marketing experience, we are able to offer our customers professional and complex help in building brands of the future.
By focusing on creating impact, we align with the United Nations’s Sustainable Development Goals:

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