Sustainable Marketing in Hemp Industry

Published on September 25, 2019 By Aleksandra Trachim

In the era of dangerous climate changes, exhaustion of resources and extinction of species, sustainable business and marketing are crucial. Companies and media are influencing the minds of society and the only way to start being responsible for planet earth again is to change the way we think about production and consumption. That’s why at […]

Green Word of Mouth: the Power of a Story

Published on June 26, 2019 By Business Profile

92% of people turn to family and friends for advice when choosing products. They believe their suggestions more than ads. 88% of consumers believe online reviews as much as they believe suggestions from the people they know. 74% of people recognize the value of word of mouth. They claim to believe the recommendations of influencers […]

Add a Viral Message to Your Sustainability Marketing

Published on May 30, 2019 By Business Profile

On their way towards sustainability marketing, many businesses are faced with a paradox: marketing is often perceived as a set of techniques that persuade people to buy more. Sometimes, more than they actually need. And sustainability seems to involve consuming less. How do these two go together? For the most part, the above […]

How to Implement the Blue Ocean Strategy

Published on May 7, 2019 By Joanna

The only way to beat the competition is to stop trying to win the comparison of military confrontation and market competition is firmly rooted in the mass consciousness and seems quite logical. Competing companies are enemies who fight each other on the battlefield. They are trying to regain their part of the territory as market […]

Should you publish blog posts and articles on LinkedIn?

Published on April 16, 2019 By Joanna

Many companies view linkedin as a social network for finding employees and new business contacts. At the same time, the statistics show that 56% of marketers use this social network for marketing activities. You can post links to previously published materials or write articles on the platform itself. About 3 million platform users share content […]

Why Your Business Needs New Market Expansion Strategy

Published on April 9, 2019 By Joanna

The question of expansion is a logical one for any business owner. It is a natural stage of the life cycle of any company that doesn’t want to fail. Most of the world’s leading brands once started from a small shop, market stall or garage production. If you are thinking about expanding your business, you […]

How to Make Socially Responsible Business and Make Profit

Published on April 2, 2019 By Joanna

The main purpose of any business is to make a profit. And in this aspect, social business is not an exception because it is created for profit. But unlike an ordinary business model, the social business model is cause-driven. While receiving income should be the main point of any given business idea, social entrepreneurs also […]

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